Pilates is an integrative mind/body program that not only helps you create your best body ever
but also helps you feel and function better in your daily life.
  • Tone & strengthen muscles
  • Improve circulation, bone
  • density, & joint mobility
  • Gain body awareness
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase lung capacity
  • Increase strength & flexibility
  • Improve balance, posture & core strength
  • Reduce stress & increase energy


Pilates is a functional movement system based on human anatomy.
It is a system, rather than just a series of exercises since the mental aspect of conditioning is integrated.
The ten principles are the foundation of this system and are what differentiate Pilates from other forms of exercise.

1. Awareness

Our instructors teach you how to move correctly instead of telling you what to do. This develops your body awareness in each session and you will be able to take this awareness outside of the studio into your everyday life.

2. Breath

The movements that you perform are always done in concert with your breath. Since Pilates focuses on the strengthening of inner muscles, breathing properly with the movement is crucial.

3. Balance

There are different meanings in balance. It can be balance of holding in one position, balance of left and right side of the body, balance of strength and flexibility or balance of body and mind. Any of these balances will improve with Pilates.

4. Concentration

This is one of the great ways to focus within yourself. Concentration makes you listen to your body and connect to your mind.

5. Control

When you control the movement, you strengthen your mind. And by strengthening the mind, you will achieve greater movement.

6. Center

Pilates focuses on the core; the center of the body. And we strengthen the core from inside. It is the power house that moves the rest of the body.

7. Efficiency

By moving the body functionally, we achieve an efficiency; most effectively in a minimum amount of time.

8. Flow

There is a flow in each movement, in transition of the movement, and in the connection of your body and mind.

9. Precision

Precision is essential to achieving your maximum results. Pilates movements are based on your anatomy and is developed through awareness, concentration, and control.

10. Harmony

Harmony is the synergy of the above nine principles. As we perform the movements, we have to incorporate and interrelate all the principles into the moment.